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Handmade Pies - serves 2-3

Handmade Pies - serves 2-3


The same love and attention goes into makng our larger pies as it does our individual ones. Handmade buttery flaky pastry encases the filling of your choice your pie is then frozen and delivered ready to pop in the oven at home


Choose from:

  • Steak & Kidney
  • Steak & Ale
  • Steak & Stilton
  • Free range Chicken with Mushrooms
  • Free range Chicken Leek & Ham
  • Wild Rabbit Pie with fennel and cider
  • Mushroom, Shallot & Chestinut in Red Wine (v)
  • Ham Hcck, Leek & Parsley  


Pop your choice of pie(s) into the field below then proceed to the check out..

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